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NEW: Guided Bilocation Meditation for Removing Stress Ancient wisdom and modern techniques with 3 Love Energized "Seer Stones" results in an Out of Body Experience that rejuvenates your Body, Mind and Spirit while removing the large amounts of stress your body accumulates daily living in today's stressful world. We now have Healing Salves for Stress and Cancer.

New Esoteric Secrets are now being released to you, "Who is Releasing these Secrets", "Why Release these Esoteric Secrets Now" and "What new Secrets are being Released". These new secrets greatly expand the esoteric information that is now underlined in 3 areas of our website.

We are direct descendants of the Masters level Scottish and French Knights Templar who hid esoteric secrets in Rosslyn Chapel. We are now releasing the secret esoteric wisdom and techniques from the founder of the Knights Templar that we have safeguarded for a thousand years.

Like our ancestors we also daily practice the advanced Masters level esoteric techniques used by the Knights Templar Grand Masters. We are service to others individuals who, like our ancestors, teach some esoteric techniques for free and share some of our secret esoteric wisdom for free.

We also teach basic level advanced secret esoteric wisdom and techniques using recordings, but, like the Knights Templar founder, the three levels of our most advanced esoteric wisdom and techniques are only taught in person to service to others people.



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