Merkabas, the Most Esoteric Secret of the Knights Templar

The Knights Templar were renowned warriors. The Service to Others Knights Templar were celibate monk knights. Upon becoming a member of the order of Knights Templar, one was taught the ancient secret esoteric wisdom about the Celtic Cross and the secret esoteric techniques that enabled one to move and react faster than most people by activating a 1st level Merkaba.

We have just released our ancestors' esoteric secret wisdom about a 1st level Merkaba and our esoteric secret One Merkaba Activation Technique in a package of recordings. In a 1st level Merkaba Activation one creates and activates 6 Energy Lines that connect one's temporary physical body and one's permanent Emotional Body to one's Consciousness in a way that rapidly expands one's Conscious Awareness.

After a new initiate of the order proved themselves in a series of actions over several years to be Adept at the 1st Merkaba level, as an Adept Knight Templar, they would be taught the secret esoteric wisdom and techniques of the 2nd level Double Merkaba over a period of time. We now teach this wisdom and these techniques in our weekend Activator Classes.

We have just completed a four-year project and have completely upgraded the esoteric secret wisdom and techniques for a Double Merkaba used in our ancestors' original Activator Class. Accordingly, one is now able to use Unconditional Love Energies to activate the 15 Energy Lines of a 2nd level Double Merkaba and self heal oneself in our new Activator Classes.

The ancient renowned Love Energy Adepts who performed healing miracles used Healing Unconditional Love Energized Crystals and daily activated 3rd and 4th level Merkabas with 50 Energy Lines so they could fully connect their earthly brain and heavenly Mind to their expanded Consciousness in a way that enables and empowers one to properly heal others using our Masters level secret esoteric wisdom and techniques that are now being taught in our Masters Level Healer Classes.

And so it is in our Healer Class, one is taught in person by senior Grand Master level Teachers in a way that enables and empowers a Service to Others graduate Healer to heal people using streams of healing Unconditional Love Energies from a variety of Healing Crystals and from the 4 levels of their activated Merkabas' 50 Energy Lines. Our Grand Masters level Teacher Classes teach the esoteric secret wisdom and techniques for activating 5th, 6th and 7th level Merkabas with 128 Energy Lines.




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