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New Secrets on Historic Background of Rosslyn Chapel

In 1300, the Knights Templar moved the Ark of the Covenant's priceless treasures from France to Scotland as the Scots were free from the control of the greed oriented Inquisition era Vatican as the pope had excommunicated Scotland for not acknowledging King Edward of England as the ruler of their country. In the late 15th century, the Ark's contents were placed in hidden vaults within Rosslyn Chapel.

But, in the late 16th century evil ones began demonically attacking Rosslyn Chapel. Puritans described Rosslyn Chapel "as a house and monument of idolatrie and not ane place appointit for teaching the word and ministratioun of ye sacrements". "In 1592, the General Assembly of the Kirk in Scotland ordered the destruction of Rosslyn Chapel's sacred altars stopping people from worshipping God in Rosslyn Chapel. Then, the Puritan's final act of desecration was in 1650 during the English civil war, when General Monk stabled his horses inside Rosslyn Chapel".

And so it was that after this final act of desecration, in the second half of the 17th century, many of the Ark's contents were moved by Masters level Knights Templar descendants to America. The ancient artifacts and priceless treasures contained in the Ark of the Covenant generate Love oriented magneticelectro energies.

Thus, the Light oriented electromagnetic energies of "the latest radar techniques" could not penetrate one of the two secret vaults located deep within Rosslyn Chapel and "the second vault refused to give up its secrets". And so it was that pulses of Love oriented magneticelectro energies can severely disrupt the Light oriented electromagnetic energies of angry service to self people like mercenaries and highly trained soldiers as well as the electromagnetic wireless technological energies generated by digital devices.

And so it was 700 years ago that a few hundred Knights Templar, including Henry St. Clair/Sinclair, Baron of Rosslyn and his two sons, led by a family member descendant of the founder of the Knights Templar, using pulses of magneticelectro energies from the Ark, together with Robert the Bruce and 8,000 Scots caused the 100,000 highly trained soldiers and mercenaries of the English army to flee the battlefield in disarray at the 1314 Battle of Bannockburn.


New Secrets on General Historic Information about Knights Templar

The public version of the Knights Templar "states that Hugues de Payens founded the order of Knights Templar in 1118 and 8 knights accompanied him to Jerusalem." The esoteric secret is that it was a family member of Hugues, a royal Scotsman who founded the Knights Templar. The Scot, a spiritual Gnostic man, had been secretly trained by Culdee monks in the secrets of life and wisdom of the ancient ones.

As a young teenager, like Jesus/Yeshua, the royal Scot received several days of visions, and later as a young man, the royal Scot gathered together 8 Scottish, Belgian and French knights who were family members to travel with him to the hidden cave on a hillside in the Holy Land that contained the legendary Ark of the Covenant that he had seen in one of his visions.

Upon locating the Ark, the Scotsman spent considerable time with the Ark's priceless treasures learning enormous amounts of esoteric wisdom and techniques in a way that will be discussed more fully using Record Keeper Crystals while listening to an upcoming set of recordings.

The Scotsman and his family members reburied the Ark of the Covenant in the Holy Land and swore to forever keep secret what they had witnessed, until the church had a pope they could trust. In this way, several family members and their descendants became renowned spiritually oriented Cistercian monks like "Bernard de Clairvaux" and some, before the time of the horrific Inquisitions, did became popes.

And so it was that when the Knights Templar were officially and publicly founded "their rules were like those of the Cistercian monks". Thus, in 1118, when Hugues de Payens went to the Holy Land with 8 family members their mission was to slowly over a period of years, move the ancient artifacts and priceless treasures of the Ark of the Covenant to France so they could not be destroyed or desecrated by Muslims like the Muslims' destruction of the Library of Alexandria. This is the esoteric secret reason why the nine original knights "did not allow any others to join their order for 9 years".

The wisdom and techniques found in the Ark of the Covenant resulted in family members in the Knights Templar and Cistercian monks using "Sacred Geometry in the Gothic Cathedrals they built throughout Europe." The Masters' Level Knights Templar decided to use the Ark's secret esoteric knowledge in mysterious ways, carving wisdom and techniques "into the stones of their buildings for those who have eyes that see like "the Cathedral in Chartres, France" and in Rosslyn Chapel.


New Secrets on The Culdees in Scotland

The Culdees, who date from 37 AD, settled in an existing holy/power site in Scotland that had been visited by Jesus/Yeshua during his visit as a teenager with his uncle who had the title of the "Joseph of Arimathea". In time, some family members of Jesus/Yeshua heard from him about the amazing energies bequeathed on Scotland by the "blue race" people.

In this way, the Culdees moved to Scotland in order to live within the Love Energized "caves and beehive cells" whose rocks were "Seer Stones, Speaking Stones and Record Keeper Crystals" so they could fully expand their Consciousness and heighten their healing abilities.

The Culdees, like Jesus/Yeshua, were Gnostics who used the Ancient Ones "Merkaba Activation Techniques" and meditations so they could properly heal people and teach others the Ancient One's wisdom about the mysteries of life and the esoteric secret techniques that enabled one to use a Love Energized Merkaba to visit family and friends in distant lands.

The Culdees, at Jesus/Yeshua's request, carried with them the spiritual truths once stored within the Ark of the Covenant during the short period of time that it was located in the Temple of Solomon. The Culdees mission was to upgrade Druid belief systems with the spiritual truths of the Essene Gnostics and especially those from the renowned Egyptian Essene Gnostic, Jesus/Yeshua.

The Culdees were sent to Scotland by Jesus/Yeshua in order to resurrect the ancient Love Energy Techniques that enabled and empowered one to communicate with "Seer Stones, Speaking Stones and Record Keeper Crystals", techniques that the Druids had forgotten. Then, Jesus/Yeshua requested them to create a unique esoteric secret spiritual belief system that would be taught to a man who was prophesized to be born into a royal family in Scotland around a thousand years after his own birth.

And so it was that as prophesized by Jesus/Yeshua, this royal Scot would locate the Ark of the Covenant and resurrect the spiritual truths of the Ancient Ones. In this way, there is a common spiritual root between the Druids, Culdees and Knights Templar.


New Secrets on The Fall of the Templars

The esoteric secrets taught by the Grand Masters and Master level members of the Knight Templar's Inner Circle to new Service to Others initiates enabled them to be far superior in wisdom and abilities than most people. These esoteric secret techniques enabled them to remain in emotional balance and not get angry during battle as well as to move faster and react quicker than most people.

Obviously, this was a very spiritual Service to Others organization and thus no service to self people were allowed to join the Knights Templar. We teach the same advanced secret esoteric techniques, but like our ancestors, we only teach Service to Others people.

"In this way, in the late 13th century the request to join the order by the service to self Phillipe le Bel, was refused. In 1307, the service to self Vatican Pope Clement V and the service to self King Phillipe le Bel of France agreed that in exchange for all of the Knights Templar wealth in France and the pope's agreement to move the Vatican from Rome to France, that Pope Clement and the Vatican could have all of the Knights Templar wealth throughout the rest of the world.

These are the dark hidden secrets behind that devious night when, on October 13, 1307 the Knights Templar Grand Master Jacques de Molay and 60 of his knights were arrested in Paris. Simultaneously, thousands were arrested throughout Europe and only a few would escape. The wealth sought by King Phillipe was not found as all documents, spiritual and worldly treasures as well as the Templar fleet located in France had disappeared.

Outrageous lies about the Knights Templar's supposed actions were publicly announced by the demonic service to self Phillipe and Clement. But, due to the horrific torture methods devised by the medieval Inquisition era Catholic church, just to stop the torture, Knights Templar did confess to the church's false sickening outrageous lies.

Even the Knights Templar Grand Master after 7 years of daily torture finally broke down and confessed to the church's sickening outrageous lies. But, the Grand Master and other Knights Templar who had been forced by Inquisition era torture methods to confess to the church's demonic lies, recanted their confessions as they were being burned alive.

"However, Scotland had been excommunicated by the pope and refused to accept or print the pope's edict". Thus, many Knights Templar from England and Europe took refuge in Scotland and fought side by side with Robert the Bruce the Scottish King, in the 1314 Battle of Bannockburn.

In order to help 8,000 Scots defeat a highly trained 100,000 man English army, several hundred Knights Templar, including Henry St Clair/Sinclair, Baron of Rosslyn and his two sons, led by a family member of the founder of the Knights Templar, himself a Master level Knights Templar, taught the Scots some of the Knights Templar's secret battle techniques and used certain items from the Ark of the Covenant whose pulses of magneticelectro energies caused the highly trained 100,000 soldiers and mercenaries of the English Army to flee the battlefield at Bannockburn in complete disarray.

In this way, Scotland received the ancient artifacts and priceless spiritual treasures contained in the Ark of the Covenant, that were once stored in the Temple of Solomon. These ancient artifacts included world maps showing the "New World" of the Americas that was visited by the royal Scot in the 11th century who used his copies of the maps to visit, and then later to remain in the Americas, as will be described in an upcoming set of recordings.


New Secrets on Esoteric Secrets of the Knights Templars

The Knights Templar actually began in Scotland with the activation of the Stone of the Covenant by the son of the Guardians of the Stone. And so it was that when he touched the Stone from the Ark, magneticelectro energies containing images and information began rapidly downloading into his physical body's brain, Emotional Body's Mind and Consciousness.

In today's hectic digital world, few people are aware that long ago mystical, magical, multidimensional Love Energy Adepts like Jesus/Yeshua used "Seer Stones, Speaking Stones and Record Keeper Crystals" to store as well as receive images and/or messages.

Princess Tamar along with the Old Testament prophet, Jeremiah, took one of the Stones from the Ark of the Covenant and fled to Ireland in 588 BC. Tamar in time married an Irish king and later their descendants migrated to Scotland to intermarry with the Picts.

The Picts had originally migrated to Scotland from India and their bloodlines contained the ancestral memories/DNA of Shiva's ancient blue race. The blue race began 10,000 years ago with the 12 children of India's Shiva and Sati. And so it is today that as proven by DNA analysis, the blue eyes of humanity did begin 10,000 years ago with the blue race.

And so it was that both Jesus/Yeshua and the royal Scot in the 11th century had blue eyes as well as the DNA ancestral memories of Shiva and Sati. Please know that as science recently proved, both ancestral physical body characteristics and memories from one's ancestors are recorded in DNA.

In the 11th century, the DNA bloodlines of the Irish Tamar and Shiva Picts were merged with the DNA from two Tamars and three Marys. One Mary was Mary Magdalene who was from the Order of Nazarene priestesses like Mary Tamar, the mother of Jesus/Yeshua who became known as a Mother Mary with the birth of Jesus' older brother James.

Mary Magdalene married Jesus/Yeshua and they had one daughter and two sons. And so it was in this way that in the 11th century the royal Scot upon touching the Seer, Speaking, Record Keeper Stone from the Ark of the Covenant was awakened to his lineage, heritage and mission in life. His hair was flared out in an electrical display and Light was shining from the symbols carved into the Stone of the Covenant.

Periodically the DNA ancestral memories of two separate lineages are combined to create a unique physical body that is a living library of multiple spiritual lineages. Thus, like Jesus, as the young Scot held up the Stone of the Covenant, the symbols lit up in a magneticelectro display of energies as the DNA ancestral memory retrieval process unfolded to the young Scot. And so it was that the founder and first member of the Knights Templar awakened.


New Secrets on Rosslyn Chapel's Esoteric Beginning

It is reputed that Rosslyn Chapel, had it been completed would have been an approximate copy of the ancient Temple of Solomon. Rosslyn Chapel was built by Sir William St. Clair/Sinclair in the 15th century but his new Temple of Solomon was never completed due to fears and jealousies by Puritan type Protestants.

Sir William was a prominent Knights Templar who spent a lifetime preparing a new Temple of Solomon to house the Ark of the Covenant's priceless treasures. His vast library of Gnostic and Cabbalistic teachings included copies from some of the Ark's priceless wisdom. Thus, as a prominent Knights Templar he was using advanced esoteric secret Knights Templar techniques like the Merkaba as once taught by Egyptian Essene Gnostic Jesus/Yeshua and later by the royal Scot.

In addition, as a prominent Knights Templar, Sir William knew all about the esoteric secrets of the energies created by Sacred Geometry's octagon, hexagon and the triangle enclosed within a circle. In today's world, you can learn these same type of esoteric secrets as they are now being taught in person by Ga Ra and Za Ra at our Grand Masters level Advanced Esoteric Wisdom and Love Energy Techniques Classes.

There is ancient spiritual wisdom contained in the symbols of all religions for "those with eyes that see". Thus, Rosslyn Chapel's carvings include Judaic, Celtic, Norse, Templar and Masonic symbols as well as Christian images. This is why Rosslyn Chapel is known by the esoteric nickname, the Cathedral of Codes.

The fish had many meanings in early Christianity because Jesus/Yeshua explained to people that the spherical energies of God's Love and God's Light upon joining together create a fish like symbol. And so it was that the fish symbol was originally used by Jesus/Yeshua to visually describe the process of how all of creation is contained in God's overlapping Love/Light energies.

Jesus/Yeshua taught how it is the Love Energy that enables the gigantic spheres of God's Love and God's Light to remain separate and equal while joined together to create all of the universes in a creation within the Sacred Geometry's Vesica Pieces, a fish like symbol.

Jesus/Yeshua also taught that when the Love Energy is nurtured by both a man and a woman, then in their overlapping energies, not only will a healthy child be born into a loving family but that the highest-level spiritual being in the area will incarnate into their child's body.

The equal-sided cross, a pagan symbol representing the balance of nature, didn't become an identifying Christian symbol until the 4th or 5th century when the upright was lengthened to represent Jesus' Crucifixion. The Celtic Cross was chosen as the main symbol of the Knights Templar.

The first Celtic Cross was drawn by the Ancient One named Shiva 10,000 years ago. It was a simple drawing to symbolize the esoteric secret wisdom that fully explains the state of Consciousness called Enlightenment to "those with eyes that see".

The state of Consciousness known as Enlightenment is achieved when one uses Unconditional Love Energies to connect the brain of one's temporary physical body to the Mind of one's permanent Emotional Body.

This process is fully described in the esoteric secret wisdom and in the esoteric secret techniques that are taught in our new One Merkaba Activation Technique set of recordings as well as in our more advanced Two Merkaba Activator Class.


New Secrets on The Apprentice Pillar

The bizarre story of a master killing his apprentice for not waiting for his master and carving the Apprentice Pillar by himself, was used to divert attention from the fact the Pillar represents the Tree of Life, which can be found in western and eastern religions around the world.

The Apprentice Pillar is by far the most skilful and ornate of all the carvings in the Chapel, representing as it does Yggdrasil, the Tree of Life in Norse mythology, bringing together heaven, earth and hell.

The founder of the Knights Templar explained to Master level Knights Templar the secret wisdom behind this symbol, (now being taught in our new One Merkaba Activation Technique set of recordings and our more advanced Activator Classes), that every person on earth is literally a Tree of Life.

Everyone has the free will choice each and every day of their lives whether or not to use the wisdom and techniques that awaken one's Mind and enable one to rise up in Conscious Awareness into the 4th dimensional level of heavenly actuality anytime one wishes.

One can also make a free will choice to remain on the 3rd dimensional level of earthly reality, or one can choose to descend full time or part time into the 2nd dimensional level of hell by living life in the emotional energies of anger, fear and/or regret.

You now have an amazing opportunity to easily receive a taste of heavenly actuality by accessing 4th dimensional Unconditional Love Energies of Joy during several of our free online Love Energy Tests.


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