New Esoteric Secrets of Stonehenge and Stone Circles

Due to Inquisitions and witch-hunts by both Catholics and Protestants, vast amounts of ancient knowledge has been lost. As discussed in our New Secrets, the Scottish Picts were descendants of the ancient blue race and this is why they painted their bodies blue before battles.

Once there were Super level Love Energy Adepts who activated multiple Merkabas everyday, and they used the same levitation techniques in the building of Stonehenge that they used in building Egypt's great pyramids as well as in the building of great monolithic structures around the world.

Descendants of Shiva and Sati's blue race children spread out around the world after the great worldwide flood in 3114 BC. Activating multiple Merkabas everyday, these Super level Love Energy Adepts used their extrasensory abilities and powers to levitate into precise positions the huge rocks they used in their monolithic constructions like Stonehenge.

These immense stones were "Love Energized" during their levitations in such a way, that they could be used as healing chambers or bilocation rooms for large numbers of people. And so it is today that recent sound tests at Stonehenge revealed a unique sound enhancement system was created by the specific size and arrangement of Stonehenge's giant stones.

In this way, the ancient blue race healers, as well as the later Druids and Culdees used a unique series of Love Energy Enhancement Ceremonies to replenish the healing Love Energies in the stone monoliths used for healing treatments and/or bilocation adventures. Unknown to most people is the fact that these unique monolithic stones were specifically selected because of their Seer Stone, Speaking Stone and Record Keeper Crystal abilities.

And so it was for thousands of years, 5 Element Love Energy Enhancement Ceremonies were used first by the descendants of the blue race, then later by the Druids and lastly by the Culdees, to maintain healing Love Energies in monolithic structures. Thus, the ancient 5 Element Love Energy Activation Ceremony is now part of our One Merkaba Activation Technique at home package of recordings that enables and empowers one to self heal one's health problems.

We have created something new using help from the Healing Seer Stones, that we include in each package. A unique bilocation adventure to our private 23 acre/9-hectare Love Energy Sanctuary is now part of our new Guided Bilocation Meditation for Stress package and in our new One Merkaba Activation Technique package, enabling one to self heal oneself of health problems with Healing Seer Stones.




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