The Sinclairs of Rosslyn Chapel, the Scottish
Supreme Grand Master of the Knights Templar, the
Amazing Stone of Destiny and the Ark of the Covenant

There are many public documents describing the close relationship between the Sinclairs and top level Knights Templar. This relationship was the key to the outnumbered Scots winning the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314 when William Sinclair led the Knights Templar in a charge that broke the back of the English army. It was the Knight's Templar usage of ancient battle techniques from the Ark of the Covenant that enabled the Scots to defeat the much larger English army.

However, what has not been released to the public until now is that there is and has been for a thousand years a Scottish Supreme Grand Master of the Knights Templar. It was the Scottish Supreme Grand Master who approved, allowed and taught senior Knights Templar at the Battle of Bannockburn how to use, for this one European battle, a unique technique from the biblical Ark of the Covenant that creates fear in opposing armies causing them to flee a battlefield.

Most people have heard of the Knights Templar's Grand Masters, especially the last Grand Master Jacques de Molay, but only a few high level spiritual Scottish adepts and the Grand Master of the Knights Templar were aware that the order had a Scottish Supreme Grand Master. The Supreme Grand Master has been the Guardian of the renowned "Stone of Destiny" for a thousand years. The actual Stone of Destiny is not the piece of masonry in a Scottish Museum but a large crystal that contains a vast amount of wisdom.

The Stone of Destiny is a large "Record Keeper Crystal" like those small ones that were used and written about by famous people like the Phoenician Sanchuniathon in 1193 BC and Philo Byblos in 150 AD. The Stone of Destiny was well known some 2,600 years ago when it was taken from the Ark of the Covenant before the complete destruction of the Chaldean Hykos Hebrews' stronghold of Jerusalem by the Chaldean Babylonians for non payment of taxes. The Stone of Destiny was taken to Ireland by the Old Testament prophet Jeremiah and the royal Hebrew princess Tamar.

Later, it went to Scotland with the descendants of Tamar where it became part of a series of adventures at Stonehenge, England 2,000 years ago and in Scotland a thousand years ago. The Stone of Destiny is briefly mentioned in the fake news stories contained in the fictional Chaldean Hykos Hebrew Old Testament. The story of Jacob selecting a stone to use as a pillow and dreaming of angels ascending and descending is fake news.

The Scottish Supreme Grand Master is also the Guardian of Europe's portion of artifacts from the legendary Ark of the Covenant. Most legends are condensed history like the legend of the Knights Templar transporting from the middle east to France, the Ark of the Covenant containing Europe's and the America's portions of priceless artifacts. Asia's and Africa's portions of the Ark's artifacts had already been taken to those continents by the original Scottish founder of the Knights Templar a thousand years ago.

Europe's and the America's artifacts along with the Knights Templar wealth was removed from France just before the evil king of France and the demonic pope in his French Vatican launched their cowardly attack at night on the Knights Templar on Friday, the 13th in October, 1307. The French king in 1307 was a greedy evil man who was filled with hate toward the Knights Templar because as a young man he tried to join the Knights Templar and was rejected.

He was deemed unworthy to join the Knights Templar because of his service to self desire to control others and his insatiable greed. The French king was heavily in debt to the Knights Templar and convinced the pope to move the Vatican to France so together they could destroy the Knights Templar and get rich by seizing the Knights Templar's wealth. And so it was Knights Templar were arrested and tortured in Europe, except Scotland. Many were tortured to death, in horrific ways so surviving Knights Templar would more easily "confess" to the lies devised by the satanic king and demonic pope.

Anyone will break in time under torture, some take longer than others. It took 7 years of daily torture to break the Knights Templar Grand Master Jacques de Molay, including burning all of the flesh from his legs down to the bone. While he did finally confess, as he was being publically burned alive, he recanted his confession and correctly prophesized that both the French king and pope would die before the end of that year. The demonic king and satanic pope never found the Knights Templar wealth because the Knights Templar fleet that had been stationed in France left in early October 1309 with the Knights Templar's silver and gold.

Despite this king and pope having spies at all of Europe's sea ports, the French and Vatican spies were unable to locate the Knights Templar fleet because the ships had sailed to the Americas. Only one ship went to Scotland with the Ark of the Covenant's priceless artifacts, traveling without the usual Knights Templar red Celtic Cross on white sailcloth. The Knights Templar fleet used the same maps from the Ark that had been used by the Scottish founder of the Knights Templar when a thousand years ago he went to the Americas and became known in Central America as Quetzalcoatl.

He sailed to the Americas in a Knights Templar ship with their order's red Celtic Cross prominently displayed on white sailcloth. However, after satanic priests of the infamous Spanish Inquisition tortured Knights Templar at the request of the demonic pope, they were able to obtain copies of the Knights Templar maps which Christopher Columbus used in his voyages to the Americas.

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