The Celtic Cross

The Celtic Cross predates Christianity by 8,000 years. The Celtic Cross was first drawn 10,000 years ago in India, by Shiva, who with his wife Sati, were the father and mother of the legendary blue race. Shiva drew this symbol to describe to their children how one's temporary physical body and one's permanent Emotional Body energetically interact in the normal and natural state of Consciousness called Enlightenment.

Thus, when the royal Scot founded the Knights Templar, he specifically chose the Celtic Cross as the symbol of the Knights Templar. Unknown to most people due to Inquisition era torture methods, is the fact that the Knights Templar were literally Enlightened Knights who fought their battles in the state of Consciousness known as Enlightenment, where one thinks, acts and reacts faster than people who are not Enlightened.

People have forgotten the fact that the state of Enlightenment was once the normal level of Consciousness for humanity. But, in today's hectic digital world of wireless technological energies, it is now more difficult to attain Enlightenment, even for temporary periods, as seen in the large decreases in church attendance.

Attaining Enlightenment is still a relatively simple and an easy process, that one can personally experience in our Basic recordings and in our Advanced Esoteric Wisdom and Love Energy Techniques Classes. However, while one can still easily attain the Enlightened state of Consciousness, the difficulty comes in retaining the state of Enlightenment.

Thus, in our new One Merkaba Activation Technique at home package of recordings and in our more advanced Two Merkaba Activation Activator Class, one learns how to both attain and retain the state of Consciousness known as Enlightenment.

"Those with eyes that see", quickly understand how the Celtic Cross does accurately display an Enlightened One's brain and Mind working in synchronicity. This ancient symbol correctly displays visually the energies of a person in the Enlightened state of Conscious Awareness who has properly used Unconditional Love Energies to activate the 6 Energy Lines that connect an Enlightened One's temporary physical body, permanent Emotional Body and permanent Consciousness.

The Celtic Cross was selected by the royal Scot to be the symbol of the Knights Templar because it properly represents a Knights Templar as an Enlightened One who is in energetic and emotional harmony with who one is. This state of energetic balance when expanded by a Merkaba enables one to think more clearly and perform action faster than other people.

This ancient esoteric secret of Enlightenment and the ability to perform action in a 1st level Merkaba is why Knights Templar were expected to be the equal of 3 people in battle and this is why they were forbidden to retreat unless they were outnumbered by 4 to 1.




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