What New Secrets are being Released?

New Secrets on Historic Background of Rosslyn Chapel

  • In the late 15th century priceless treasures from the Ark of the Covenant were placed in secret vaults within Rosslyn Chapel.

  • Latest radar techniques recently found two secret vaults deep within Rosslyn Chapel. One vault's contents could be seen but the second vault "refused to give up its secrets". Read the new secrets that explain how and why.

  • Learn how 8,000 Scots defeated 100,000 highly trained English soldiers and mercenaries at the 1314 Battle of Bannockburn.

New Secrets on General Historic Info about the Templars

  • Read how a young royal Scot was the one who founded the Knights Templar and who located the Ark of the Covenant.

  • The esoteric secret why Sacred Geometry was used in the European Gothic cathedrals built by the Knights Templar and Cistercian monks.

New Secrets on The Culdees in Scotland

  • The reason why the Culdees lived in caves and beehive cells.

  • Learn how the Culdees were sent to Scotland 2,000 years ago to create a "unique esoteric secret spiritual belief system.

  • Understand how and why there is a common spiritual connection between the Druids, Culdees and Knights Templar.

New Secrets on The Fall of the Templars

  • Receive the truth about the outrageous lies spread by the medieval church about the Knights Templars.

  • Learn about the magneticelectro energies from the Ark of the Covenant that were used in the 1314 Battle of Bannockburn.

  • Read about the Knight Templar's world maps that showed the "New World" of the Americas many centuries before Columbus used Knights Templar maps to supposedly "discover" the "New World in 1492.

New Secrets on Esoteric Secrets of the Knights Templars

  • The amazing changes that are possible when magneticelectro energies are downloaded into a human brain, Mind and Consciousness.

  • Learn how many famous bloodlines converged to create a critical mass energetic situation for the birth of the royal Scot who founded the Knights Templar and later became famous in the Americas.

New Secrets on Rosslyn Chapel's Esoteric Beginning

  • Why Rosslyn Chapel became known as "The Cathedral of Codes".

  • Learn the amazing esoteric secrets of creation contained in the fish symbol created by Jesus/Yeshua that was used by early Christians before the 4th century.

  • Read how the original fish symbol's energies resulted in happy families and exceptional children.

  • Discover the truth about the 10,000-year-old Celtic Cross, who first drew it and how it contains esoteric wisdom about one's temporary brain and permanent Mind.

New Secrets on The Apprentice Pillar

  • Learn how the Tree of Life in Rosslyn Chapel's Apprentice Pillar represents the 3 free will choices of life for every human on earth.


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