Who is Releasing these Secrets?

A man with Scottish ancestors in North America known as Ga Ra and a woman with Italian as well as French ancestors in South Africa known as Za Ra have joined together with Scottish and French family members to give people everywhere the opportunity to receive our family's secret esoteric wisdom and techniques.

These esoteric secrets were once only known to the Grand Masters and the Master level members of the Knights Templar, as well as the highest-level Abbots and Popes of the Cistercian Monks and the highest-level priestesses of the secretive Mothers of the Holy Grail founded by Mary Magdalene.

A vast amount of our family's secret esoteric wisdom and techniques were contained in the Record Keeper Crystals, Seer Stones and Speaking Stones that were found in the Ark of the Covenant by the founder of the Knights Templar.

This ancient esoteric wisdom and these ancient secret techniques have been brought up to date by Ga Ra and Za Ra but the Unconditional Love Energies contained in them have not been lessened in any manner, in fact they have been enhanced.

We teach Advanced Classes in our ancient and modern esoteric wisdom and secret techniques in person, at 38 Love Energy Centers, in 8 countries. We also offer Basic Esoteric Wisdom and Love Energy Techniques at home seminar recordings.


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